Client forms and Horse Safety Lesson

If you have booked online and have received information on accessing the client portal, you do not need to fill out additional forms here. However, please view the safety lesson video below.


If you have booked via email, or cannot access the client portal prior to your arrival to a session, workshop or program event at Fox Song Farm, please fill out the intake forms on this page (orange buttons below). Also, please complete the safety lesson by watching the video 'Safety Around Horses' and filling out and submitting the 'quiz' form. You may want to watch the short video on goats and chickens, too!

Needing more information?  The blue buttons provide quick information on fees and events, and feel free to use the form  below to connect with us, or drop us a line at


Please complete the following intake forms prior to your session or event and submit them in the form box below. If you have any questions about these, please email 

Thank you!

The following form is for all participants (for sessions, groups, or events):

The following form is for clients attending private sessions or therapeutic groups:

The following form is for all participants, after any  event:

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