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Andrea Pratt, Artist

"The natural world, particularly the wild areas of British Columbia, has always been my primary inspiration, and my practice has been all about exploring its interpretation. I have a driving curiosity which means leaving no stone unturned, but I regularly re-visit symbols and themes that intrigue me, using personal motifs and patterns"


For more information, or to start your own oracle stone collection, visit Andrea's site!

"At the heart of Stinson Education is a desire to assist people and organizations to live well and THRIVE.  

  • To live well, people and organizations need to make wise decisions that align with who they are. The Stinson Wellness Model provides a process framework for moving toward wellness.

  • We use a holistic approach. Living well has to do with all aspects of life and components are inter-related. In order to “live well” we need to understand the whole—the big picture—and then apply that understanding to concrete decisions of life"

For more information, go to the Stinson Education website!

"Nadine Jans is a clinical counsellor in Canada and a psychologist in The Netherlands with a Master of Science degree in Clinical & Health Psychology. She has extensive experience as a psychologist working with seniors, people with dementia, and their families"

For more information, go to Nadine's site to find out more and book a session!

"Since 1991, when Doc Childre founded the nonprofit HeartMath Institute, our vision has been to provide tools that connect us with “the heart of who we truly are.” Today HeartMath serves people of all ages and walks of life around the world in their homes, classrooms and communities – so they can live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

We research and develop reliable, scientifically based tools that bridge the connection between heart and mind and deepen people’s connection with the hearts of others. This empowers people to greatly reduce stress, increase resilience and unlock their natural intuitive guidance for making better choices.

HMI’s simple, user-friendly mental and emotional self-regulation tools and techniques provide benefits in the moment and over sustained periods. They enable people everywhere to break through to greater levels of personal balance, creativity, intuitive insight and fulfillment. Our research has formed the foundation for training and education programs worldwide among diverse cultures. We’ve worked with major corporations, government and social-service agencies, all branches of the military, schools and universities, hospitals and a wide range of health-care professionals and law enforcement agencies"

Want to know more? Follow the above link to the HeartMath website!

"The cardiovascular and neurological effects of breathing exercises have been known for centuries. In fact, unaided slow breathing is a key element of relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga but is generally considered unproven and impractical for treating chronic diseases such as hypertension and/or heart failure.
The patented device-guided breathing technology ingeniously takes advantage of the human body’s natural tendency to follow external rhythms and a patented interactive “feed-forward” concept. The technology composes rhythmic guiding tones, in real time, while measuring the user’s individual respiration pattern.

By dynamically manipulating and recalculating these personalized tones it guides users into a Therapeutic Zone, subliminally, with almost no conscious effort on the user’s part leading to unprecedented efficacy, ease-of-use, and compliance.
Over a dozen well-designed clinical trials prove that RESPeRATE delivers all-day blood pressure reductions beyond concurrent treatments such as medication, diet, and exercises. The significant results enabled InterCure to win the first FDA-clearance for a hypertension treatment device (510K with clinical trials)"

For more information, visit the RESPeRATE website!

"TimeSlips offers an elegantly simple revolution in long-term care - a shift from "managing behaviors" toward infusing creativity into care relationships and systems. In a time when we deny aging and isolate our elders, TimeSlips provides hope and improves well-being through creativity and meaningful connection"


Find out more by following the above link to the TimeSlips website!

"SoulCollage® is a creative and satisfying collage process. You make your own deck of cards - each collage card representing one aspect of your personality or Soul. Use the cards intuitively to answer life's questions and participate in self-discovery. Joyfully deepen your understanding of the relationships between your personality parts, you and your family/community/world, and you and your dreams, symbols, and Spirit. The book, SoulCollage® Evolving, tells how to make and use the SoulCollage® cards individually and in groups"

To find out more, visit the SoulCollage website using the above link!

"EFW-Can is a professional community who values building respectful, trusting relationships through the human-equine bond. Our holistic foundation offers a diverse array of opportunities for personal exploration & growth, professional development, and certification training within the arena of Equine Facilitated Wellness"

Want to find out more? Visit the Equine Facilitated Wellness-Canada website by using the above link!

"Chiron's Way: Transforming Lives and Businesses ... Today. Attend a transformational success formula workshop: Conceive + Believe = Achieve"

Want to know more? Follow the above link to the Chiron's Way webpage!

"Founded in 1999, the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) is the leading international nonprofit association for professionals incorporating horses to address mental health and personal development needs.  Our vision is that every person worldwide will have access to these therapy services known as Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy"

Want to find out more? Follow the above link to the EAGALA website!

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