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Vision, Mission, Value Statements

Fox Song Farm ...  Come home to your herd

Vision: Promoting wellbeing through herd connection.


To inspire health and wellbeing through Equine-facilitated and other therapeutic activities that meet the needs of clients undergoing health & wellness and personal challenges due to professional, life stage, family, and situational transitions, including menopause, stress and distress, ageing, grief and loss, chronic disease, and vocational shifts.

Statements of Value:

  • Inspired by the resilience and creativity of nature, FSF’s therapeutic environment is in a natural, rustic setting, offering wellness promoting activities that draw upon collaborative connections with animals, and provides opportunity for artistic expression;

  • Educated in the science and art of professional practice (nursing, education, counseling), FSF providers are committed to life-long learning and excellence in care;

  • Framed by the Stinson 4-Pillars Wellness Model (Purpose, balance, congruence, sustainability), FSF interventions will be deeply collaborative, promoting relationship building and mutuality in social (herd) connection

  • We believe that igniting and re-igniting passion and purpose throughout all life span and life stage transitions yields value-added life … and that this is the legacy of Imago dei living in relationship with Creation.

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