Faith Richardson views ecotherapy similarly. Ecotherapy is essential therapy in that it is based on our deepest roots as human beings on Earth ... one that reclaims a soul-full and healing nature-connection. As an ecotherapist, she views nature as the primary healer and seeks to partner with nature by practicing in a farm environment. In her role as ecotherapist she may act at times as facilitator, catalyst, counselor, coach, mentor, fellow-traveler, message-decoder, and sacred witness along your journey. Horses, individually and in a collective herd, are often messengers of nature and of spirit, but all of nature--trees and forest, meadow and wild flowers, birds, wild and farm animals all share this 'natural magic' to reconnect us with our roots and heal us in our innermost core.  


Fox Song Farm provides the canvas for therapy with a nature connection.

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Kindle Health at Fox Song Farm acknowledges and recognizes Indigenous homelands and the stewardship of Indigenous peoples of this land; it is with humility we continue to work toward building our relationship.

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