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There is something magical about being around  horses. For so many of us, horses are able to touch our inner spirit and re-kindle our joy. Horses are also masters at teaching us about boundaries, personal space, walking with purpose, dialing down after a stressful encounter, and the difference between domination and collaborative leadership. There is much about harmonious herd living that humans can learn from horses. 

Through horses reactions to us, we are given the opportunity to identify how we are truly feeling and reacting in the moment. They encourage us to reflect on where we are at odds with our inner selves. This mirroring of emotion is one of the reasons why horses are used in wellness work. They show us what we need to look at, question, reflect upon, and change. They help us get in touch with our own heart-intelligence.

Spend time with a horse and walk with a herd and you will find yourself among master teachers of sustainable wellness:

  • living on purpose

  • moving toward balance

  • choosing congruity.


You will begin to listen and become present to the messages coming from your own heart.

About Equine - facilitated Wellness

I help people re-kindle their joy.