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We know it instinctively--our deep beliefs about who we are and what we are good at, or not-so-good at--affects the choices we make and ultimately, the paths we take in life. But what about beliefs that are not so helpful to us? Self-limiting beliefs about our value and worth, about our ability to contribute to society or be successful in school or other pursuits, or the fears that stress us out and limit our enjoyment of life, we can do without! Self-limiting beliefs interfere with well-being by adding angst, difficulty, and barriers to us flourishing.


Applied kinesiology uses non-invasive and painless muscle testing and simple physical positioning 'body work' to create whole-brained balances for support of the beliefs about self that you want to hold in life. Using applied kinesiology, your goals can truly become embodied. Imagine the freedom of moving through life without being your own worst enemy ... or, as others have said, getting out of your own way. It is amazing what happens when we become congruent in our brain, behavior and action! 

About Applied Kinesiology

I help people re-kindle their joy.

Faith Richardson is a PSYCH-K Preferred Affiliate Provider.

For more information on applied kinesiology and PSYCH-K methods, view a video presentation on Brain and Biochemistry by Dr. Bruce Lipton or purchase and read his now-classic work, The Biology of Belief. 

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