Fox Song Farm ...  Come home to your herd

About FSF ...


Fox Song Farm is a small farm in the beautiful Alberni Valley on Vancouver Island. The Alberni Valley is a rain forest known for its large trees, intricate mosses and ferns, and frequently-sited wildlife, such as deer, raven, eagles, and black bear. Fox Song Farm has a huge 800-plus year old Douglas fir at the entrance of the property, a creek with a history of fingerling Coho salmon, and pockets of natural wilderness, rich with a wide variety of birds. We've even seen the occasional beaver, for a true Canadian experience!


FSF is dedicated to promoting well being through wellness events and venues held in a natural environment. Fox Song Farm is associated with Fox Song Books, connected through creative, whole-person, inspirational perspectives.


Fox Song Farm is home to horses, chickens, and goats, many of whom have found a sanctuary here after lives in commercial venues. Fox Song Farm promotes a natural living environment, balanced with safety for both creatures and humans.

Kindle Health at Fox Song Farm currently offers private sessions by appointment for individuals. Counseling/coaching services are provided from an ecotherapy perspective and new client and client groups are admitted seasonally. There are a limited number of spots available for continuing clients throughout the year. Currently, seasonal offerings include:

  • HeartMath® coaching/mentoring individual and small group sessions

  • Equine-facilitated wellness and equine-guided development individual sessions  

  • Applied kinesiology (PSYCH-K) counseling and coaching sessions

When fully actualized, well being and wellness events will include:


  • TimeSlips® story creation for persons with dementia

  • SoulCollage® workshops

  • Reflective journal and creative writing groups

  • Equine facilitated leadership and equine-guided development experiences for small groups

  • Wellness-related education events

  • Expressive art groups for adults and children (after school groups)

  • Contemplative prayer and meditation meadow

  • Kindle Health project health care events

  • Collaborative leadership, appreciative inquiry, communications workshops for professionals, academics, and corporate groups


Fox Song Farm ...  Come home to your herd