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Unmanaged stress derails health, well-being, energy and our ability to live out our lives with joy. Building personal resilience develops your capacity to manage stress in-the-moment. By managing stress, your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep cycle, and ability to concentrate can be positively affected. Chronic disease affected by stress hormones, such as diabetes type 2, and autoimmune disease risks, signs and symptoms can also be relieved and better managed. Navigating the transitions we all face in life, such as career shifts, parenting changes, ageing, and menopause are also underscored by stress and positively impacted by improved personal resilience.


Find out more what HeartMathTM coaching/mentoring can do for you!   

I help people re-kindle their joy.


Faith Richardson, DNP RN, has over 20 years experience as a Registered Nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner, and health & wellness consultant, and is thrilled to be adding HeartMath techniques to her practice, as a certified HeartMath coach/mentor

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