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Sessions, Workshops & Events for the 2019Season

Private session: Ecotherapy/Counseling/Coaching

Individual and group sessions (email to book corporate or private groups)

Book individual or group sessions. Dr Richardson may incorporate equine-wellness or equine guided development work, applied kinesiology (PSYCH-K), HeartMath technique within a counseling, mentoring, or coaching session--depending on the client's goals and needs. 

Individual: A short session is 45 minutes ($90); a standard session is 60 minutes ($125). Sessions can be purchased per single appointment, or in packs of three or five. A package of 3 standard sessions (3 x 60 minutes) is $360. A package of 5 standard sessions (5 x 60 minutes) is $600. 

Group: Standard session is 60 minutes ($75/person/session). Packages of 3 and 5 group sessions are also available (3-pack $200/person and 5-pack $325/person). Groups can be 2-8 persons.


All sessions must be used within one calendar year. 

Program: HeartMath & Horses Drop in Sessions

Come out to learn and practice HeartMath techniques alongside the herd

HeartMath techniques practiced regularly builds resilience by increasing heart rate variability and decreasing heart rate. Horses, with their comparatively large hearts and huge electromagnetic fields help reset our own cardiovascular electromagnetic fields and simply make us feel better. What a great combination!

Drop in sessions consist of a little mentoring in HeartMath technique, a lot of practicing together and individually, with coaching offered to help you integrate practice into your daily routine. Each hour-long session ($75/person/session) is capped at four persons, so there is time for some one-one-one coaching/mentoring for each participant. There is an additional fee for a workbook to be purchased with your first session. 

Season Pass Available!      A season's pass lets you drop into any scheduled HeartMath & Horses session. For more information, please click the Season Passes Info button below.

HeartMath mentoring/coaching sessions can be tailored for corporate groups, too. Email to 

Program: Grandma/Granddad and Me drop in sessions

Farm Fun for a grandparent and one grandchild ... gardening and 'tending' farm animals

Ecotherapy for you and your precious grandchild! Hour long drop in sessions follow the spring-summer-fall cycle of farming: seeding, growing and harvesting vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers, and 'tending' goats and chickens and horses. One child per registered adult is requested for safety and for the ultimate bonding experience! ($75/grandparent and one child/session)

Season Pass Available!      A season's pass lets you drop into any scheduled Grandma/pa & Me session. For more information, please click the Season Passes Info button below.

Program: Meadow Musing Drop in sessions

Unblocking your creativity for writers, artists, and creatives

Experience the creative energy that coherence in nature can generate! Small group drop in sessions are aimed to refresh, renew, reinvigorate the creative flow ... Take two hours out of your day every month or so over the spring/summer to write or sketch in the meadow with the horses. Sessions will include mini writing and art exercises, group synergy, and HeartMath coherence to align heart and mind and ignite the joy of creativity. ($115/2-hour session) Requires an additional fee your first session only for a journal workbook.

Season Pass Available!      A season's pass lets you drop into any scheduled Meadow Musings session. For more information, please click the Season Passes Info button below.

Workshop: Colored Ponies one: Identifying Communication Styles and two: Relationship Building

Four hour workshops exploring styles of communication and improving relational dynamics

Ever wonder how it is that the same words can be interpreted in so many ways by different people? The Colored Ponies Communication Styles workshops use the science and theory of personality types to explore different communication types. In workshop one, you will identify your communication style type: your primary and secondary tendencies on how you communicate and interpret others' communications to you. In workshop two, you will develop skills to read the communication 'needs' of other types and will practice communicating drawing strengths from each personal style. (Workshop one: four hours, $325 plus additional fee for workbook; Workshop two: four hours $325, no additional fee). Workshop two requires Workshop one to be completed.)

Email to inquire about corporate packages for business groups.

Workshop: Finding Your Joy

Four hour workshop exploring your core passion and purpose

There are many 'tiger nights' throughout life and career that can tarnish and dull our sense of why we are here--our purpose--and what it is that makes us unique and lights our inner fire--our passion. Joy flows when we rekindle our purpose and passion. Transitions in work, family, and the role we hold in our world can have us too tired to do much more than exist; we can experience bullying and injustice in the workplace, or compassion fatigue from moral distress. When we are faced with change and decisions, our sense of purpose and deep 'core' understanding of what brings us joy can springboard us with confidence into the future. You will become reacquainted with the unique, miracle of you in this workshop ... Find Your Joy!

(four hour workshop, $325, requires an additional journal/workbook fee)

Email to inquire about corporate packages for business groups.

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