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Fox Song Books is a small, family-owned, micro-mini publishing house of select YA novels, children's books, and creative fiction and nonfiction for all ages. We focus on work that promotes wellbeing in the wide sense of that term. We bring out a title or two every few years. FSB first began as a way to provide access to Faith's titles that would otherwise be designated as 'out of print' or otherwise homeless.


Our mission is to produce quality books that are a joy to read, feed both the heart and mind, and inspire the spirit. FSB aspires to bring out titles that sing to your soul!


We are slowly updating our line to include digital choices and currently it may be difficult to purchase our titles. We do have some copies available for purchasing directly from us. If you are interested in a title, drop us a line through the contact form or directly email Fox Song Books and we will do our best to oblige. 


Fox Song Books
... titles that sing to your soul!

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