by Fay Lapka Richardson

A science fantasy adventure set on the mythical planet, Clytie. Fifteen-year-old Caro lives with her family on a science base, where her scientist parents work under the direction of the Science Community. Caro, her younger brother, Ricky, and best friends Hal and Sherri, team up to journey to the dark side of the planet to rescue their parents from an experiement gone wrong: surgically-sighted 'lumies', intelligent, wolf-like beasts, have turned on the scientists and have taken over the End Base.

ISBN 0-9744989-6-3 (Trade paper), 264p

But, Sylvie very quickly has other things to worry about. Soon after boarding the airplane at the Vancouver airport, she sees a strange woman do something rather mysterious to an innocent glass of water. And now this weird lady keeps turning up whereever Sylvie and new friend, Keauka are—and then mysteriously disappears into the ocean . . .

ISBN 0-9744989-3-9 (Trade paper), 184p

Dark is a Color (Book one, Orbits of Clytie series

  • These books are appropriate for readers 12 and up!