Sylvie's mom can't deal with her divorce and Sylvie's dad's imminent wedding, so she sends twelve-year-old Sylvie to stay with Great Aunt Honoura over the Christmas holidays . . . Sylvie is far from pleased—who wants to spend Christmas with some old aunt you've never even met??! (Even if she does live in Hawaii!)

But, Sylvie very quickly has other things to worry about. Soon after boarding the airplane at the Vancouver airport, she sees a strange woman do something rather mysterious to an innocent glass of water. And now this weird lady keeps turning up whereever Sylvie and new friend, Keauka are—and then mysteriously disappears into the ocean . . .

ISBN 0-9744989-3-9 (Trade paper), 184p

Angel Walker

  • These books are appropriate for readers 12 and up!